Bike Ambulance Project

The people of rural sub-Saharan Africa do not have adequate access to health care, particularly in times of emergency. Economic and political circumstances have resulted in transport systems that are extremely poor and a population that has carried out the majority of transport by walking.

Design For Development Society has created the bike ambulance with the aim of improving emergency transit times for communities where motorized transport is unavailable or inappropriate. With a focus on patient comfort, safety and accessibility, the bike ambulance is designed to be affordable to community members, utilizing local materials and trade skills in its construction.

Patient comfort in the bike ambulance is addressed through a suspended stretcher bed, the use of inner tube strapping for shock isolation, and an adjustable backrest. In addition, the removeable stretcher allows patients to be safely and comfortably transferred between sites. Issues of efficiency and weight are addressed through the spare tube frame, as well as through the use of fabric surfaces and strapping.

The bike ambulance provides a realistic solution to patient transport challenges in rural sub-Saharan Africa, utilizing bicycle technology and region- appropriate design to improve and save people's lives.

The current goal of Design For Development is to expand the Bicycle Ambulance project into more communities in southern Africa.

We are currently setting up projects to provide bike ambulances to communities, HIV/AIDS workers and health clinics. Our initial focus will be on Namibia, where we have developed a strong local partnership and where we know there is a need for bike ambulances. We welcome inquiries from potential partners, interested communities, organizations and individuals.


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